Paraphrasing Service

In avoiding plagiarism, paraphrasing is necessary as long as you give credit to the original author/source by citing the sources.

Of course, even after a text is paraphrased, there is still a certain degree of similarities due to some terminologies that have no substitute. In this case, paraphrasing is required to reduce the similarity index.

In paraphrasing, we don’t straight away substitute a word with its synonym, or turn a clause from active into passive form and vice versa. We go beyond that. 

We take the time to give a text to be rephrased the care and attention it deserves. Normally, before rephrasing we read through repeatedly to get to the essence of it and digest its meaning.  

It is a necessary step before we produce a rephrased version of the text, rewritten in our own way to minimise any similarities with the source text and yet still conveys the message as initially intended.

However, we want to set things straight from the beginning.

Even though we provide paraphrasing service, we are still selective of the paraphrasing job that comes our way.

A job that requires us to paraphrase original copies from reference materials straight from its source is a big no, no for us.

We try to avoid taking on jobs that may undermine the integrity of our business.

The following is a sample of our rephrased text with the original text also provided for easy comparison.

photo by alesia kazantceva @ unsplash